Proof of Life

Chief Inspector Anna Cameron is a woman with everything to lose. Her life is finally back on track, but the mistakes she made in the past are about to come back to haunt her.

When a body is discovered in a Glasgow canal, the death proves to have an unexpected link to something Anna wants desperately to forget. As Glasgow pulses with the threat of terrorist attack and growing civil discontent, she realises everything she holds dear is at risk . . .

The explosive fourth novel from Karen Campbell, Gold Dagger-shortlisted author of SHADOWPLAY, AFTER THE FIRE and THE TWILIGHT TIME.


Review for Proof of Life

"All around is smoke and mirrors. Karen Campbell's fearlessly plotted fourth novel plays with perception right from its opening sentence, although you don't appreciate how much until later. This slow-burn thriller exploits the classics of the genre - secrets, lies and misdirection - but does it so skilfully that the mechanics are camouflaged amid the emotional entanglements of lives lived." The Scotsman - Read full review.

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