The Twilight Time

ANNA CAMERON is a new Sergeant in the Flexi Unit. On her first day in the new job she discovers she’ll be working with her ex, Jamie. In at the deep end emotionally, she’s also plunged headlong into the violent underworld of Glasgow’s notorious Drag – the haunt of working girls, drug dealers and sad, seedy men.

CATH WORTH, Jamie’s wife, watches jealously from the sidelines, having given up police work to raise their child. Anna’s life could have been hers; hers could have been Anna’s. When Cath attempts to get involved in a situation she is no longer equipped or entitled to tackle, the consequences for both women could be far-reaching..


Reviews for The Twilight Time


‘I loved it. A great, original character and the plot fairly whizzes along.’ Kate Atkinson

‘Campbell has created a great new female protagonist in Sergeant Anna Cameron, who finds herself up against it when local prostitutes are attacked in Glasgow and racial tension is mounting to frightening levels. This is as gritty as all hell, shot through with enough pace and atmosphere to give Denise Mina a run for her money. All this and the chutzpah to create a seedy and unpleasant superintendent called Rankin!’ Mark Billingham

The Glasgow Herald (Feb 2008)

“The Twilight Time, powered by stiletto-sharp prose, is a pertinent expose of the contamination seeping into lives from prostitution and a drugs economy ruled by money-laundering thugs. But against this background, her story also vividly illustrates the physical and emotional damage caused to police officers by the vile reality of their work.” (Anne Simpson)


The Daily Record (April 2008)

Raw, real and so evocative you can almost hear the screams. Bang those drums and get the word out – there’s a new writer on the Scottish crime scene and if this debut is a true reflection of her talent then she’s going to be huge.”


The Book Bag

“A stunning debut which is so much more than a crime novel. Excellent characters, a location which has a voice all of its own and a gripping plot – Karen Campbell really could be the new Rankin. Highly recommended. “
( – 4.5 out of 5)